Ann Sylvia

Vice President Practice Development

Ann Sylvia - Vice President Practice DevelopmentTo Ann Sylvia, discovering Lean and Six Sigma was a professional and personal epiphany. “I’ve always been a process-oriented person,” says Ann. “I like that the methodologies focus on following processes and making things better.” Tenacious, as well as efficient, Ann has developed an extensive network of contacts tied to the pioneers of process improvement. Her passion for process has led Ann to great success with management and executive-level positions in manufacturing, operations management and Lean healthcare. Ann’s geographic scope includes international assignments with global clients, and she and her team currently recruit talent in Asia, Europe and Latin America across multiple industries and job functions.

Prior to joining the Duffy Group team in 1999, Ann served in a variety of positions in marketing, sales and communications across multiple business units at Kodak (Rochester, NY).