• How Incorporating Sustainable Energy Impacts Employment Strategies

    Deciding to incorporate sustainable energy into a business is an admirable goal. It's also a strategy that's becoming more prevalent. Google, for example, is on the record saying it aims to power 100-percent of its operations with renewable energy sources. While the technology giant is still quite far from that goal, the overall pace of sustainable energy adoption continues to increase.

  • What Is The Future Of VR In Business?

    In an era of exciting new technologies, virtual reality (VR) may be the most compelling of them all. Consumer VR systems, such as the Oculus Rift, are growing in popularity, as the technology has grown more refined and costs have been lowered. After decades of false starts, VR has reached a point where the experiences are immersive enough to truly feel real. As the world's largest tech companies pour billions into VR research, we're likely to see startling advances in the power and application of VR.