As the world becomes increasingly global, the landscape around changes constantly and quickly. Government oversight and regulation increases, the competition increases drastically, and the entire market evolves rapidly. Forward-thinking companies see this evolution as a golden opportunity to capitalize on the change as forward progress propels them ahead to greater prosperity. However, they also recognize that their progress depends on their ability to find the right people, the best and the brightest in financial services. By getting all the key financial positions staffed with people that possess the exceptional skills, knowledge and attitudes that these positions require, your company will find itself able to meet all the challenges that this fast-paced environment demands. That’s why companies in the know turn to high quality financial services employment agencies to help them maximize their valuable work force.

How Does Financial Services Recruiting Benefit Your Company?

Since its inception in 1991, Duffy Group has maintained its focus on financial services recruiting and now enjoys a position as a leading financial services recruiter for many of the largest and most prominent Fortune 500 companies in the private sector. Duffy seeks and locates chief executives who can drive profitability with a focus on strategy, chief compliance officers who are informed and fluent in evolving regulations and chief information officers able to maximize the promise of technology developments without compromising customer data security. As a standout among CFO recruiting firms, and as one of the best of financial analyst recruitment agencies Duffy can help you take care of your personnel acquisition while you focus on important business activities. We at Duffy Group dedicate ourselves to providing collaborative, consultative service. Our goal is to help you succeed, which is why we partner with you, working hand-in-hand to fill your finance jobs across the U.S. and around the world with the finest professionals in the industry. We have redefined and continue to redefine the finance executive recruiting experience utilizing market data, analytics, consistent and open communication, along with the ability to find and attractive hidden or passive talent.


What Aspect of Executive Search for Finance Does Duffy Excel at?

Our team of finance executive recruiters at Duffy Group has the experience and background to understand the nuances of the financial markets and the significance of global trends. We have profound industry knowledge of the finance industry and the ins and outs of executive search in the finance sector. We help financial services organizations build strong leadership to facilitate and streamline the industry’s renewed focus on the customer for growth, along with cutting-edge digital technologies, increasing demand for solid risk management, and the challenge of increasing investor and regulatory scrutiny.

Are Good Finance Executive Recruiters Worthwhile?

The leaders in financial services recruiting that propel Duffy Group forward have acquired their expert knowledge in the world of finance and have developed access to the world’s leading financial talent by long experience as finance executive recruiters along with extensive interaction with senior-level executive experience in the industry: this produces unparalleled success for our clients. With our help, you stay at the cutting edge of the ever-changing shifts in the financial services landscape; as your own financial headhunters, we work closely with you to assess key experience, core competencies and leadership potential among a wide array of candidates.

The Worldwide Impact of Financial Services Executive Recruiters?

When you find the best people worldwide and make better hiring decisions for crucial positions, you ensure that your leadership teams are the best in the world and you then gain a significant competitive advantage. This is what Duffy Group does for you as one of the best of financial services executive recruiters. Our personalized and entrepreneurial approach translates into a great number of long-term client relationships – a natural result of our consistently cost-effective and result-oriented procedure, by which we overcome any and all challenges. In sort, our methods, experience and knowledge ensure we deliver the best talent.

Who Is Your Best Bet for Financial Services Headhunters?

When you need financial services headhunters, you can rely on Duffy Group, the foremost among all finance recruitment agencies.